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Workshop BRIDGES: Specials geometries and gauge theories
University of Pau (UPPA), 64000 Pau (France)
June  19-23,   2023

The objective is to gather established specialists and young researchers around manifolds with special holonomy (Kahler, Calabi-Yau, G_2, Spin(7), Quaternionic Kahler and hyperKahler) and their various accompanying notions of instantons. The scientific range of the conference will extend from Algebraic and Differential Geometry to Geometric Analysis and Theoretical Physics, with supergravity and string theory.

You can download a poster of the conference here: Poster
The number of participants is limited to 40.
If you want to attend, please contact one of the organizers:
Eric Loubeau (loubeau at univ-brest.fr) or Jean Vallès (jean.valles at univ-pau.fr)